Born from a meeting between Lagoon Explorer and E-Bike Moorea (Jesse & Audrey), this ecological combo will allow you to discover the island of Moorea while respecting our environment.

A part "Earth" with the electric bike will take you to the most magical places of Moorea. A "Sea" part with the transparent kayak will take you to the lagoon to discover the seabed.

Electric bike and transparent kayak guided excursions: 9000 F / person

Electric bike (rental only) and transparent kayak guided excursion: 8000 F / person

VTT Rotui

Program of the tours

Guided electric bike tour


2h clear kayak tour

Transfer and welcome

Free delivery of electric bicycles depending on your location for the start of the activity and reception of participants.

Equipment and briefing

Before departure, equipment and briefing on the safety rules to be respected and on the use of your bike.

Opunohu Bay Belt Road

Getting started with the electric bike towards the magnificent Opunohu bay towards the interior of the island on the belt road bordering the lagoon of Moorea.

The Belvédère view..

Panorama of the mountains of Moorea from the belvedere site, view of the Cook Bay and Opunohu ... breathtaking!

Panorama and mountains

A tour that will make you discover sumptuous landscapes of the interior of Moorea: a real pleasure !

Head for the guided excursion in a transparent kayak

Meet at 12:45 pm at the Intercontinental de Moorea


welcome of participants at 12:45 at the Intercontinental of Moorea

Equipement and briefing

Before departure of the tour, you will be equipped and your guide will make you a short briefing on the use of equipment and safety rules to respect.

Find sea turtles of Moorea

Observe the lagoon bottoms in search of the sea turtles of Moorea. Explore the spots where these fantastic animals live.

Swim with sharks and rays of Moorea

Encounter the stingrays of Moorea lagoon, you can even pet them. Shiver at black-tip sharks from your kayak, or throw yourself in the water to swim with them!

Amazing coral garden of Moorea

Observe from your transparent kayak beautiful coral gardens: a fascinating bio-diversity!

Kayaking to learn more..

Using your waterproof "fish card", explore and identify the different species of fishes that inhabit the lagoon from your kayak.

Enjoy a drink, feet in the lagoon !

On a sandbar in the middle of the lagoon , enjoy a fresh drink feet in the water!

Drop off

For the more courageous: return by bike to the initial location OR free return transfer to the initial location

Programs fo the visits are subject to change depending on weather conditions and participants level.



Keep your memories on pictures

PHOTO PACK on demand

You don't have vehicle ?

PICK-UP on demand

What to do in Moorea ? This activity is the best way to discover all the unmissable places of Moorea, mountain side and sea side. We have selected sites for their beauty and wealth. The guides will tell you their story. The electric bike tour will make you discover Moorea from the inside and offers breathtaking panoramas: one of the essential activities of Moorea!

The Clear Kayak tour has an educational aspect and will make you aware of the protection of the lagoon and its many species of fish and corals, while living unique experiences, such as swim with black tip sharks and stingrays.

An Activity for everyone ! Everyone goes at their own pace: whether you are a sportsman or a beginner, the guides adapt their pace to yours. You don't have to be a great sportsman, you will enjoy discovery breaks, and refreshments (see the program above). Accessible to all purses, it is one of the cheapest activities of Moorea.

Professional Guides: You will be accompanied from the beginning to the end of the exit by  professional guides.

Innovative equipment at the service of exploring: You'll experience a memorable adventure with powerful, comfortable electric bike generation and our fully transparent 2-seater polycarbonate kayaks specifically designed for sea bed exploration. You will be able to contemplate the bottoms of the lagoon during the whole tour while sitting in your kayak! Guaranteed sensations.

Prerequisites for the electric bike: (for more information: contact E-BIKE Moorea)
- Beginners accepted

- Sports activity : Be in good physical shape

- Weight limit: 264 pounds (120Kg) per person at MAX

- Size limit: 55 inch (1m40) MINIMUM

- Age: 8 years old MINIMUM

Prerequisites for kayaking: ( see article 7 of our General Conditions of Sale )

- Beginners accepted

- Sports Activity: Be in good physical shape, no joint problem
- Weight limit: MAXIMUM 95kg per person

- Age: 65 years MAXIMUM (according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization) in which case, provide a medical certificate of fitness for sport.

This E-BIKE + Kayak combo is the best way to visit the best sites of Moorea. You will not miss anything from Moorea !

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For electric bike tour

For Kayak tour

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Start point of the tours:

Intercontinental hotel Moorea or ancient Club Med site, depending on the weather conditions.

Pick-up and drop off on demand with our taxis partner


Starts Schedules (Booking requiered):

Every day, morning or afternoon, depending on the chosen tour.


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Payments accepted :

(Cash, Polynesian check, no Credit Card, no Amex)